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Why the Rise of Digital Assistants Will Not Replace the Importance of SEO

Why the Rise of Digital Assistants Will Not Replace the Importance of SEO

SEO has daily impacted our lives, but some say it is slowly starting to become useless due to the recent rise of digital assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Echo. Many consumers’ research routine has changed when they started using this new type of technology. It gives consumers the benefit to multitask and start the day by being able to do things like reminding them for what’s ahead. Unfortunately because of the major benefit that this technology is providing which is saving time from your day, the use of SEO is starting to fade away for some searchers.

So how can SEO reposition its purpose to maintain an important tool for internet users?

  • One major difference between the digital assistants and SEO is that even though digital assistants can provide that luxury of listening to the user’s commands like play/stop music, tell a joke, or entertain me, it cannot be as much of a helpful tool as SEO when it comes to business exposure for your brand since it limits your ability to see the variety of research that is expected. There is a more likely chance of google basing their answer off only one link and you will never know if it is a positive or negative link for your brand.
  • SEO can drive more traffic to your website than a digital assistant because it is a much more efficient tool when picking up the snippet or the additional information that the search engine is able to identify on the page. SEO will always have an important role when it comes to using searching via snippets because SEOs have the ability to gain a better understanding from the searcher than a digital assistant
  • When it comes to asking questions about certain information to a digital assistant, it is important to use the right combination of messaging since the answer you will get from the digital assistant will be very short-lived. For instance, Google Home can answer a question the searcher may have however, it can’t be promised that it will speak out positively about your brand since Google will just read whatever is in the text from the featured snippet.

These three main reasons are why SEO will still be relevant for our searchers because SEO can better enhance a searcher’s understanding and also gain that positive business exposure for your brand unlike this new piece of technology.

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