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Guaranteed Effective Results from these SEO Trends

Guaranteed Effective Results from these SEO Trends

As Digital Centrix, it is important to always keep ourselves updated with the latest SEO trends and apply that to our existing/potential clients’ websites to help them expand. We invest our time in content marketing because it helps our clients put their company in front of potential customers in an efficient way. Some of the SEO trends that will be elaborated in this blog have been around, but are often forgotten about the effective results it promises. Using SEO tips like long-tail keyword searching, link building and communicating through online forums are a great way to help with online trafficking for your website!

Some SEO Trends that Will Help Your Company Grow

Long-tail keywords is an SEO method to remind us that it’s important to help us get to know our customers individually. When a customer types something specific on the search bar that relates to one of our clients’ company, we want them to be one of the main links that will show up on the search engine. To get a better picture of the success long-tail keywords has brought for companies, here is an example that all of us can probably relate to:

Streaming services from Tidal to Netflix is a perfect example when talking about long-tail keyword search. You have probably noticed, there have recently been oddly and specifically named categories to help narrow down what the user of the service is particularly looking for:

  • For Tidal, there are categories for listeners that aren’t named something basic like “hip hop” or “pop” and instead they are more specific categories like “Twisting the Night Away” or “Working for the Weekend”.
  • As for Netflix, there are categories like “Romantic Dramas Featuring a Strong Female Lead” or “Feel-good Disney Talking-Animal Animation”.

These categories are specific in a way it describes more of a mood therefore, it helps narrow down the choices for the customer quicker. Now that you have a clearer picture of what long-tail keyword search is you can see that it is a great way to let the customers feel like they can find exactly what they are looking for. This SEO trend can get personal based on people’s behavior and the latest trends which can help us create terms that we think customers will type on the search bar.

We can also help our clients if we focus more on online trafficking than ranks. Link building is an effective SEO tool that accomplishes more online trafficking to your website and also helps Google to determine what rank the website is compared to the other similar ones. Link building is the process of putting your link on external pages that will eventually let viewers end up to your own website. The more links you have from relevant websites, the more visible your website link will be within search under Google’s core algorithm. Using online forums is another SEO trend that helps the communication part between the customer and the company. Here is a an example of how an online company like Quora can achieve this SEO trend for many types of businesses:

  • Quora is a website where all kinds of questions are asked and anyone is welcome to answer them. When you see a question that is relevant to your business, it would be beneficial to take the time to answer and attach your company link with it so that way people who visit Quora can see that comment and possibly direct their way through your website. This is a good way to reach more customers through a website that a variety of people go to.

The main goal out of these methods is that we want to help our existing/potential clients’ company more visible and easier for their customers to get a great experience out of. There are many more SEO trends that we will inform you with on our monthly blog posts so stay tuned!

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