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Facebook Joins Business World with their New Service Workplace

Facebook Joins Business World with their New Service Workplace

Facebook has launched a new service called Workplace and it has become a game-changer for the business world. This revolutionary service improves connection for employees in a company. Many domestic and foreign companies like  Columbia Sportswear, Danone, and are starting to utilize Workplace and are already getting positive results. Workplace by Facebook has been proven to reduce the usage of emails by approximately one third per month due to the fact that communication through Workplace is much more engaging and exciting. Igniting the culture of a company is a goal that this new service has helped businesses accomplish.

What Workplace Can Do for Your Business

Workplace is an ad-free space that is separated from your personal account. So instead of interacting with friends and family, you are interacting with co-workers within your company and possibly collaborating with other employees from other companies. Ever since the rise of social media, there has never been a better way for people to connect whether it’s over a trending topic or keeping up with people’s’ posts . This was a brilliant idea from Facebook to launch a service that is similar to our personal accounts, but more over discussing your company topics and being productive because we are prone to accomplish more company goals if we are surrounded by a fun environment. After all, a successful company is not only about the person on top, but focusing on everyone in the company that contributes their part into a project.


Here are the main features that Workplaces provides for companies:

  • Group discussions; this helps get co-workers informed and updated with how much they have got done or if they need a quick assistance on. For instance, you can post a picture of what project you are currently working on and your co-workers can share their comments or reactions which will help you see different perspectives and finish the project knowing that you got to acknowledge everyone’s ideas.


  • Video or Audio calling;  Instead of holding scheduled meetings at a specific place, Workplace has helped create a more flexible schedule because it allows co-workers to easily connect whenever they can. If something needs to be discussed at that specific moment, Workplace is right on your fingertips to communicate whenever you need and employees can reach out to you without having to physically meet if they can’t.


  • Personalized newsfeed; you will never be able to miss a company announcement, group discussion, or a project update in your personalized newsfeed. You can see the important, trending and relevant content that keeps you in touch with what is going on in your business.


Workplace has created a way to collect insights from everyone in the company which helps them make better informed decisions. Another result this service has brought for companies is that it helped increase participation in their business events. If there is an event coming up, an employee can post the event details, easily invite people, and set a reminder for the upcoming event. This has lead to more attendees which achieves yet another company goal. 

With Workplace providing companies with these modernizing tools, it is aligning communication with company culture, more voices are being heard than just from those at the top, receiving information and feedback faster, and all of this is leads to business growth. Facebook has confirmed that they have over 1,000 companies using Workspace and is only increasing from there.


When signing up for Workplace, you get a 3-month free trial period and after that you pay a monthly fee based on how many active users your business has per month:

  • $3 – up to 1k active monthly users
  • $2 – 1,001 to 10k active monthly users
  • $1 – 10,001+ active monthly users

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