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Digital Centrix Welcomes Fall Intern

Digital Centrix Welcomes Fall Intern

Hello! My name is Mashrooba Rashid and I am thrilled about being a part of Digital Centrix as the Fall Digital Marketing Intern! I have been in love with the idea of business since I was 14. I see business as an art. A company working as a team with people who are go getters and coming up with creative ideas and products that create trends and seeing how it affects society is fascinating to me! I am currently a pre-business major working towards being declared as a marketing major at the University of North Texas.I then plan on attending grad school to where I can earn an MBA in Marketing Management. What makes marketing different from any other aspect in business is that it’s not just about learning through school, but about learning through experience and making connections by networking. As the new intern, this will be a great way of gaining a real hands on experience in the marketing world and helping a company become recognized.

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Getting to Know the Importance of the Modern Marketing World

Nowadays, technology and social media has made this generation more connected with news and trends than ever before. Social Media Marketing has become a powerful tool to not only help a company become more known and build relationships with other related companies, but also to inform other people who may have interest in the company. For someone who is passionate about the music and fashion industry, I am always notified from social media every time a new track from my favorite artist releases or when one of my favorite designers previews their current line. Having the tool for people like me that need keep up with the newest products or services or even the latest news gains brand loyalty as well as recognition for the company through the shares, likes and/or retweets which achieves one of the company’s main goals. It’s always good for a company of any size that can achieve offline marketing, but in order to get double the results, online marketing is a another effective way to expand a company! Think about it, whenever a customer wants the fastest and most efficient way to get information over a product or service, the first approach they will make is by visiting the company’s website! Online marketing has helped companies grow not just by developing their own website, but appearing on different websites as ads to get a customer’s attention.

The Dallas and Fort Worth area is always growing or expanding different kinds of businesses! Finding a great way to differentiate from other companies is through the art of marketing. I used to always think marketing played a huge role in businesses, but little did I know exactly what ways to accomplish that. Learning about what Digital Centrix accomplishes for companies has opened my eyes on how much of an essential it is for a company to maintain the online marketing as much as offline marketing to gain even more success! Digital Marketing and SEO agencies in Fort Worth are helping companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth areas become recognized, help connect with other companies for future collaborations, provide an easier approach for customers, and more ways to simply get in touch. I am excited about the future projects I will be working on throughout my internship at Digital Centrix that will help me gain experience of the modern marketing world!

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