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Why the Rise of Digital Assistants Will Not Replace the Importance of SEO

SEO has daily impacted our lives, but some say it is slowly starting to become useless due to the recent rise of digital assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Echo. Many consumers’ research routine has changed when they started using this new type of technology. It gives consumers the benefit to multitask and start the day by being able to do things like reminding them for what’s ahead. Unfortunately because of the major benefit that this technology is providing which is saving time from your day, the use of SEO is starting to fade away for some searchers. Read More

Facebook Joins Business World with their New Service Workplace

Facebook has launched a new service called Workplace and it has become a game-changer for the business world. This revolutionary service improves connection for employees in a company. Many domestic and foreign companies like  Columbia Sportswear, Danone, and are starting to utilize Workplace and are already getting positive results. Workplace by Facebook has been proven to reduce the usage of emails by approximately one third per month due to the fact that communication through Workplace is much more engaging and exciting. Igniting the culture of a company is a goal that this new service has helped businesses accomplish. Read More

Guaranteed Effective Results from these SEO Trends

As Digital Centrix, it is important to always keep ourselves updated with the latest SEO trends and apply that to our existing/potential clients’ websites to help them expand. We invest our time in content marketing because it helps our clients put their company in front of potential customers in an efficient way. Some of the SEO trends that will be elaborated in this blog have been around, but are often forgotten about the effective results it promises. Using SEO tips like long-tail keyword searching, link building and communicating through online forums are a great way to help with online trafficking for your website! Read More

Digital Centrix Welcomes Fall Intern

Hello! My name is Mashrooba Rashid and I am thrilled about being a part of Digital Centrix as the Fall Digital Marketing Intern! I have been in love with the idea of business since I was 14. I see business as an art. A company working as a team with people who are go getters and coming up with creative ideas and products that create trends and seeing how it affects society is fascinating to me! I am currently a pre-business major working towards being declared as a marketing major at the University of North Texas.I then plan on attending grad school to where I can earn an MBA in Marketing Management. Read More

3 Easy Steps To Optimize For Voice Search

Voice search is becoming more popular and is changing how SEO techniques are adopted in the mobile age. Google even hinted of possibly incorporating voice search reporting to Google Search Console’s Search Analytics report in the near future, not sure of when.To make sure that your website is optimized for searches made by voice, here are 3 easy steps to incorporate voice search into your website: Read More